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Clutter Central, To Clear And Open With One Simple Tip

By August 28, 2019 No Comments

I get asked a lot, “How do I get my house ready for sale?”  The prospect of moving can be really overwhelming and I think we never realise how much stuff we actually have until we consider having to move it all.  However, with the right mindset and a really good music playlist, it can be a lot simpler than you may think.

My motto when getting a house ready always is…

“Clear surfaces and something pretty”

That is it.

Fill the cupboards and garage with everything else and concentrate on having nice clear surfaces.  This will make the rooms feel clearer and more open.  Then dress it up with something pretty.  This could be flowers or even a well-placed fruit bowl.


You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference this can make.

If you have any questions or need a hand navigating the market, feel free to give us a call.  We’re always happy to help.