Most people would mention spring as the best time to sell a property, it’s something the vendors quote to us whenever the ask “when is the best time to sell?”

However, in most cases, the results and data tell a different story.

Winter has always been considered a bad time to sell; it’s a reputation that isn’t weighed out by the prices we see achieved. While it is true there are fewer properties on the market over the winter months; real buyers aren’t put off by cold or raining conditions.

Buyers, in fact, have very different deadlines and criteria, they seek to take advantage of low-interest rates, and also getting into a properrty before prices move up on them.

Active buyers, those who have sold a property are out inspecting properties rain, hail or shine. Especially when the number of homes on the market is low, conditions that exist today.

While there are benefits to presenting you home in spring in terms of gardens and a sunny aspect. However many homes have a cozy feel, with open fireplaces and

timber paneling or floors, or even a northerly aspect that gets plenty of winter light, these homes do exceptionally well in winter campaigns the ambiance and warmth of the home creates an emotional connection with the properties position and features.

So weigh up the pros and cons carefully and rather than letting the month or season determine your plans, consider the number of properties on the market, in short, your competition, as this will be the biggest determinant of the price you achieve.