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Why You Should Buy A House in December

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Arguably, December is an excellent time to buy a home and here are 3 reasons why:


1. Less Competition in December

Traditionally, December is one of the slowest months for real estate so while that means that there may be fewer listings to look at, it also means that there is less competition for the houses that are available for sale.

2. Your Agent will have more time for you

As more and more buyers take a break for the holiday season, your agent’s time has likely freed too. Now may be the time to explore neighbourhoods you’ve ignored or get “prime time” showing appointments.

3. The Sellers are Serious

Sellers who are on the market in December are extremely motivated to sell and the rush of the Spring market has slowed.  Sellers will also be more realistic with their prices rather than trying to take advantage of inflated prices during Spring.

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