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How To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Sustainable housing is on the up, with more and more people considering ways to limit the environmental impact of their homes.

But green features have also become popular with buyers, meaning they could add considerably to a home’s sale price.

How desirable are sustainable homes with environmentally friendly features?

Demand for sustainable features and energy efficiency is on the rise. More and more people are looking for ways to tread more lightly on the planet and, in the process, to reduce the amount it costs to run their homes.

While young buyers may have traditionally been more interested in homes with environmental features, a 2017 YouGuv survey showed concern for the environment now spans all generations, with 58 per cent of respondents believing “energy-saving characteristics” were important when buying a home.

Benefits of sustainable features and energy saving

There are a number of benefits to adding sustainability measures to residential properties. But for many homeowners, the main drawcard is the potential to save money on utility bills.

For buyers considering large-scale renovations or building a brand-new home, an environmentally friendly approach to construction also means fewer materials, reduced emissions and a more durable design that will last well into the future.

If renovating or building an extension, you should also consider orienting your property to benefit from the sun’s positioning and design a layout that maximises airflow.

If you plan to live in a property long-term, you’ll then benefit from the increased comfort that green features and smart design can offer, such as well-regulated temperatures, better air quality and good natural light.

What green features are most popular with buyers and renters?

Completely overhauling a property to be more energy efficient can be costly, but a few high-impact additions can still add significantly more value when your home is on the market.

Given the focus on cutting energy bills, it comes as no surprise that the most popular features for buyers and renters are those that reduce electricity costs.

REA Group research showed that solar panels were the most highly sought-after feature, with 85% of surveyed Australians saying they believed they add value to a property. The next most popular were energy efficient appliances at 79% and solar hot water system at 78%.

Other green features that can add value include:

  • Sustainable materials, such as timber
  • Grey water systems
  • Water saving fixtures
  • Water tanks
  • Hot water pumps
  • Glazed windows
  • Shading and insulation

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