Seller Tips

Which Factors Help Sell A Home?

Every seller wants their home to be the one that’s in demand.

But to stand out in a crowded property market, here are some factors to keep in mind ahead of going to sale.

Finding the best agent for you

You’ll be working very closely together, on possibly the biggest transaction you’ll ever have, which is why it’s crucial to find the best agent for your needs. It’s worthwhile meeting with several local agents so that you can ask them questions directly about their experience and hear how they’ll help you. An agent who has sold properties in the same area as your home will come with knowledge of the neighbourhood and what other properties nearby have sold for. When hiring an agent, you’ll also want to make sure it’s a good fit personality wise, as you’ll be having to communicate a lot during this process.

Reaching your target audience

Your agent will be experienced in marketing properties so that they attract the desired target audience. They’ll know what will appeal to these potential buyers and what won’t. This is valuable knowledge and handy to know before you embark on physically preparing your home for sale.

A clean home

Obviously a dirty, badly maintained or cluttered home is always going to be a tough sell, so a good clean should be top of your to-do list. Even if you’ve kept your home looking neat and tidy through regular cleaning and maintenance, try to see it with fresh eyes so you don’t miss any spots. It’s worth hiring cleaners to give the property a once over prior to open house, and perhaps a gardener or handyman as well to do any upkeep or repairs that are in order.

A stylish home

You can help buyers better picture themselves in your home by creating an appealing and stylish aesthetic. You don’t need to go overboard and spend too much money. Simple touches such as coordinated furnishings like throws, pillows and rugs can add vibrancy and modernise a room, and they can be picked up fairly cheaply. A vase of fresh flowers, a new coat of paint, even a rearrangement of existing furniture—all of these can quickly improve the look of your home. An interior decorator or stylist will be able to help you with specific ideas for transforming your space to appeal to buyers. [link to presenting your home article]


Renovating your home is only worth it if you’ll get the money you’re having to spend back in the long-run, without overcapitalising. Consider which renovations will bring the best returns. Updated kitchens and bathrooms appeal to buyers, but the changes don’t need to be extravagant. When it comes to adding value, think realistically. While some buyers would be ecstatic to see a pool in the backyard, this costly addition can turn off others, so don’t feel you need to splash out in this area.

Market awareness

Having a grasp of the property market and following the current trends will help you be more aware about how much your home is likely to sell for and how long it might be waiting for a buyer. Spend time researching the market, focusing on other homes in the same area and price range of your home. Your agent will of course be able to answer questions you have, but being equipped with this knowledge can make you feel more confident and at ease.

And finally

Talking to a local agent who knows what appeals to your home’s target market is the best way to ensure your efforts are channeled in the right direction when it comes to selling your home.